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   Hello to all people who are undergoing through the United States immigration process torture.
    I would like to join myself to all people who expressed their gratitude toward Mrs. Cristina Milaciu and I would like to share with you from my experience.
   I came to the United States as a student enrolled in an MBA program - North Carolina F1 Visa - and as many others found in my situation, I was wishing to find a sponsor at the end of my studies and get the H-1B visa.
   During all those two MBA program years, I was witness to all failings of other international students and I realized that the university is not going to help me much. Worse than that, I was getting daily inputs from "supporting kind people" trying to deter me and convince that it is almost impossible to achieve my goals, while in the given economic situation, even for the american students was difficult to get a job after graduation.
Well, to make the story short, while getting to the end of the MBA program with the exchange visa type becoming the first priority, my moral was down a lot.
   The chance was to find out that a good friend of mine was getting through the immigration process of Green Card. She was the one who highly recommended me Mrs. Milaciu.
Her enthusiasm about Mrs. Milaciu convinced me.
    I was extremely kind surprised for the fact that she can be reached every time of the day and she was able to keep her calm and her good mood was catching me too. And all those happened to me after hearing a lot of scary stories about some other students and their immigration procedures, well you can figure my big pleasant surprise. My case was not an easy one... I got a lot of obstacles and dramatic changes of situation, but everything was leading to a good final ending.
   Finally I can say that I am ready to start building my career in USA and that mainly due to Mrs. Milaciu's help.
    Mrs. Milaciu, I am grateful and I hope that many other people will have the chance to meet you.
   I hope my letter will convince a lot of people to employ your services to help them make a reality their dreams!

     Laura Vanzariuc - Chicago, Illinois

   I've met Cristina Milaciu in September 2004 while I was trying to solve my immigration paperwork.    The first phone discution took almost one hour.
    For my big surprise was free.
   Just few days before I was paying an immigration attorney from North Carolina $200 for just 30 minutes of consultation.
   I was quite deceived and uncertain about keeping that attorney.
   Just for mailing my immigration forms to the INS, the North Carolina' attorney was asking me $5,000 paid in a month time frame.
   I said "mailing" because after all I was in charge of filing all immigration forms. He was trying to explain how complicated my immigration status was.
Anyhow, the amount was exaggerated and evidently too much for me. I could not afford it.
    Mrs. Milaciu was extremely professional and in the same time compassionate with my situation. More than that - the fee applied by the law office she was working at was very reasonable.
   From the beginning I was thinking that the distance between me and her it will be a problem. I was living in North Carolina and she was living in Michigan. No problem regarding that. We communicated very well and quite professional. She was very well documented and updated with all latest immigration law changes. I got the best guidance in filling all immigration forms and handling all processing steps.
   So, immediately after that I got positive answers from INS.
   No need for additional documents, no mistakes and no "lost" documents.
   Mrs. Milaciu was always available, kind and polite, even if I called her on the cell phone at a time out of the business hours.
   During all this process well known as a strong psychological test, she was close to me as a friend.
   Now, looking back, I need to thanks again to Mrs. Milaciu for all she did for me.
   Words are not enough to express my gratitude !

    Daniela Zemanek - North Carolina

    Mrs. Milaciu,

   I want to thanks from my heart for all advises and encouraging words and for everything you did for me during that uncertain and stressful time.
   I got it ! I went to interview to USA embassy in Romania on Dec 15 and I am already in USA - Dec 28 of course with a different visa. All my documents were "rock solid" and the entire interview was unexpected easy. Now, looking back I realize that I was too worred about the entire process and all my fears were not real.
   Again, thank you so much !
   I wish you a very Happy New Year and all achievements you are looking for!
   I will never forget everything you did for me.

      Adriana Mateescu - Huston

    Hello every body !

   I am Angela Nicoara and I am one of the few lucky students selected for an internship, part of a software developers campaign in Silicon Valley - USA the summer of 2004.
   During this internship, I was a J-1 visa holder with the "two-year residence requirement". In other words, I was subject of "212(e) section", which requires returning in my own country for at least 2 years at the end of my internship.
   At that moment having in mind that I did not have any obligations to my own country, I applied for waiving the condition 212 (e). Following this, I asked for Mrs. Milaciu's services, known in our community as a good immigration specialist and asking assistance in the process of waiver approval.
   During a period of a few months I worked together with Mrs. Milaciu upon the entire process and prepared all documents and forms in order to successfully pass every step.
I want to thanks her again from my heart. Also, I want to mention the quite reasonable fees, having in mind that at that moment I was just a student.
   I wish good luck to every "J-1 212(e)" holders in their efforts to get the waiver.
   Best regards!

      Angela Nicoara - Silicon Valley


   I am Mihaela Sicoe, I graduated from Economic Sciences University from Cluj-Napoca and I came in USA on a training program based on J-1 visa.
   Here is my story: right from the beginning I tried to change my status. Beside the fact that I contacted a lot of attorneys, I got a lot of info, but none of them gave me a solid opportunity to change my status.
   Following a friend's referral, I decided to call at 248 830 0610. At the other end a kindly woman voice answered to me - Mrs. Cristina Milaciu - who I felt as a good reliable person, ready to help me. Indeed she helped me, because despite the fact we communicated by phone only, we immediately started to process the waiver - "section 212(e) removal", and sooner than expected, I got it and I had the feeling that was quite easy.
   I want to emphasize the fact that during all this process and collaboration, I got professional precise information regarding my options to follow because of my particular situation.
I want to thanks from my heart to Cristina for her consistent professional support.

       Sincerely, yours Mihaela Sicoe - New Jersey

   Hello every body!

   I am Cristina and I am a student. Of course, I got F-1 visa with the professional help of Mrs. Cristina Milaciu who took care about everything necessary to get this procedure successfully. I can tell you that all the process was quite fast, she worked with professional touch and in a short time frame I got the most wanted F-1 visa. Every question I got for her, she answered me precisely and my entire file was ready to start in short time.
I strongly recommend Mrs. Milaciu to everybody who need quick professional consulting or help in immigration field.

   Cristina Costea -Auburn Hills-Michigan

   Dear Cristina!

   I feel that I have to write this note to you.
   First off all I just have to thank you for all of your help;
   However I will try my best to let you know and everyone else about your services, when Vicky found your website all the way in Romania and told me to check you out, I was not quite sure what you could do for us.
    I had a deep misstrust about lawyers from my past experiences and when Vicky and I tried to get married in Israel, we went to a Romanian Lawyer in Israel, thinking that we would have been married, but all he did was take our money to translate documents and we never got married.
   So for me checking out your web site, I was not quite sure what to think because of the low price you was offering for your services.
   I did however do my research with local Lawyers in the Boston area and they were 3 times if not more than that provided by the law office you were working for.
   From the time that you started working on our case it has been a fast pace process and your expectations about how long it would take was accurate, I cannot even begin about how many times I called and emailed you, and you returned all calls and emails and kept re-assuring me that everything was fine even with Vicky worrying about coming here, there were times I was not quite sure but you were and that is all that mattered.
   You went above and beyond what was expected.
   The whole process to bring my fiancee here was just less than six months and you made sure that our documents were perfect so that there would be no problems, and when Vicky went to US Embassy and everyone else was being denied a Visa, Vicky was able to obtain hers.
   Once she arrived and we were married in July, the process started in August again to obtain her permanent status. Vicky was so worried about having and interview here in the states having heard all the stories, no one ever could even begin to imagine that she would not even need a interview but in January we got that wonderful letter welcome to the United States as the newest permanent resident, for that words can not do justice for what you did for Vicky and me.
   So, for that I have to thank you;
   Multumesc Frumos Christina.

      Very Respectfully, D.N.

( we are looking forward for more letters from you ... )